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A 10-Week Hybrid Coaching Program for

Executive and Emerging Leaders


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  • The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a high-efficiency program for executive and emerging professionals to receive individual and group coaching to enhance your Leadership Intelligence (LQ) and strategic/tactical skills while upwardly shifting the trajectory of your career


  • By becoming a great leader, you will learn to inspire and empower yourself and your colleagues, experience greater confidence in your leadership abilities, and achieve greater impact and success in the world.

What You Will Learn in this Program

  • How to Expand your Leadership Intelligence (LQ)

  • 4 Imperatives of Exceptional Leadership

  • 4 Keys to Effective Leadership

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ): What it is and How to Expand It

  • Third Choice Leadership

  • Authentic vs Heroic Leadership

  • Leadership as Alchemy

  • Styles Diversity and How to Embrace It

  • Integrating and Maximizing Lived Experiences to Enhance Results

  • Embracing Failure as a Key to Success

  • Centering Humanity in the Modern Business Environment

  • Resiliency and Adapting to Sudden Change



What You Will Receive from this Program

  • 10 proven, highly-effective strategic and tactical leadership development tools

  • A personalized 10-page leadership development roadmap to guide and uplevel your career trajectory

  • Two hours of individual executive & leadership coaching (ELC)

  • A multi-industry peer/mentor/mastermind support network

  • Optional access to individual assessments designed to measure and maximize your essential leadership abilities



Questions Addressed and Answered through this Program

  • How can I be less stressed and more productive?

  • How can I hold people accountable in positive ways?

  • How can I create greater alignment among my team?

  • How can I resolve emotionally-charged conflicts?

  • How can I motivate myself and others in more effective ways?

  • How can I support others to grow and develop?

  • How can I be fulfilled professionally without sacrificing my health and my relationships?

  • How can I become more resilient in response to change?

  • How can I focus on the present and remain open to my future aspirations?

  • How can I live a worldly life without sacrificing meaning, purpose and fulfillment?

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  • The ten-week program will accept a cohort of 10 individual leaders


  • Individuals will apply for acceptance to the LDP cohort


  • APEX Leadership will conduct a 30-minute pre-coaching conversation with each candidate to determine program readiness and fit


  • Cohort members will commit to attend at least 8 of the 10 scheduled 60-minute live group coaching classes (80%)* (One-on-One makeup sessions will be offered at an additional cost)


  • Cohort members will commit to 30-60 minutes of self-paced work in between sessions


  • Cohort member will commit to two 60-minute individual coaching sessions


  • Application deadline: JUNE 15, 2024 -- Date TBA





  • Group coaching sessions (60 minutes): Live via Zoom – Tuesdays 4:00 p.m. PT/7:00 p.m. ET

  • Group coaching session dates: JULY 2024 -- Dates TBA


  • Individual coaching sessions (60 minutes): Live via Zoom

  • Individual coaching session dates:

  • AUGUST 2024 -- Dates TBA

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  • JUNE 15, 2024:  Early enrollment cohort members will pay a $7,500 fee to participate in the program.

  • JUNE 16, 2024:  Program fees increase to $9,000 per participant.

  • In exchange, cohort member will receive:

    • Ten (10) hours of group coaching and

    • Two (2) hours of individual executive & leadership coaching (ELC)

  • Full value for these twelve hours of coaching: $18,000



  • Cohort members will also agree to provide a testimonial for the program and authorize use of name, likeness, title and company name (unless subject to regulatory prohibition)

  • Cohort members will agree to abide by attendance and participation details outline above 



  • Cohort members will have access to a participate in an EQ Profile Assessment (emotional intelligence assessment) with a 60-minute coaching session/debrief for an additional fee of $750 ($1,275 value)





  • If you are ready to join the LDP, click here to complete the cohort application.


  • If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us using the form below or by clicking  here and entering the subject line "LDP Question"

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