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Comprehensive Certification and Practice-Building Program for

Emerging Coaches and Consultants

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The APEX Executive Coach Certification Program is a comprehensive certification training + practice-building program for emerging (new) coaches and consultants to understand and navigate the unique dynamics of the corporate/executive coaching ecosystem, and begin to build a thriving, profitable, authentic executive coaching practice.

The Executive Coach Certification is designed as a comprehensive training programcustomizable and reflective of the skill-level, experience and intention of the program participant. It is designed with the emerging (new) professional in mind, and as a one-stop training intended to prepare them to coach leaders with confidence. 


To achieve this outcome, APEX Executive SOLUTIONS offers the following Certification Option:


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Executive Coach Certification Program +
Vision to Action© Practice-Building Program

Executive Coaching: A Two Piece Puzzle
Becoming a successful executive coach is a two-piece puzzle:
  • Coaches must possess the foundational knowledge in the Executive Mindset: how to guide and support leaders to powerfully effect personal and professional change.
  • And—equally important—the coach is the CEO for their own practice, responsible for knowing how to effectively establish a high-value, sustainable practice.
The APEX Executive Coach Certification Program + Vision to Action© Practice-Building Program supports the emerging coach to address both essential puzzle pieces.
Coaching Leaders with Confidence
The APEX EXECUTIVE COACH CERTIFICATION is an intensive, 1:1 Virtual  eight-module training designed for emerging (new) coaches and consultants to receive a thorough introduction and activation of the core concepts to begin their Executive Coaching journey.
Focused on foundational strategies and structures paired with experiential practices that are unique to the corporate coaching mindset, the certification offers participants the opportunity to quickly understand, and confidently navigate, the unique dynamics of the corporate/executive coaching ecosystem.
Building a Profitable Coaching Practice
Unlike many certification programs, APEX Executive Solutions recognizes that knowledge is simply one powerful piece of a two-piece puzzle. Emerging coaches want—and need—to know how to build a thriving, profitable, authentic executive coaching practice.
To address this need, the APEX EXECUTIVE COACH CERTIFICATION includes the VISION TO ACTION© Practice-Building Modules.
The VISION TO ACTION© PRACTICE-BUILDING Module is an eight-module activation of the Executive Coach Certification Program, and is designed to bridge the gap between knowledge and growth.
By taking small, consistent daily actions over the course of eight  activation modules, the emerging coach/consultant confidently and systematically moves from VISION TO ACTION©—with invaluable coaching support—in order to build to a high-value, sustainable practice.



Executive Coach Certification + VISION TO ACTION© Practice-Building Program

  • Full Payment Option: $18,000 USD

  • Installment Option: By Design + Agreement



  • 1:1 Individual live (virtual) coaching/instruction sessions via Zoom – Eighteen (18) sessions over nine (9) consecutive months  (90-minute sessions)

  • Self-paced exploration + integration assignments between sessions: 2-3 hours/week

  • Total Certification hours: 90 hours



  • For the APEX Executive Coach Certification Modules, participants will receive PDFs of the APEX Executive Coach Certification Manual and also an Executive Coach Resource Workbook.

    • Both materials are created to reinforce content covered during the live sessions, to provide independent study assignments and prompts in between sessions, and also to provide additional resources from outside sources that will be helpful for citing and using during corporate/executive engagements.

  • For the Vision to Action© Practice-Building Modules, participants will receive a complimentary copy of Wealth Creation for Coaches that will serve as the guidebook for practice-building activities.



Additional Resources:

  • You'll have access to a vast library of resources for expanding your knowledge base, skills and confidence

  • Two Additional 90-minute private coaching calls, that can be used within 6 months of the start of the program (ex. visioning, refinement, accountability)

  • Virtually unlimited emails

  • Laser coaching as needed

  • Additional bonuses, resources, assignments, and unexpected surprises!

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Executive Coach Certification Modules

Module 1: The Executive Coaching Mindset

The Executive Coaching Mindsets for Coaches + Clients

  • Distinctions of Executive Mindsets: Corporate Senior Executives, Managers, Business Owners + Entrepreneurs

  • Leadership Throughlines

  • Coaching Promotion, Improvement, Change and Transition

Module 2: Foundations of Executive Coaching – Part I (Corporate)

  • Current trends in Corporate + Business Coaching: Corporate, Business, Pandemic Effect

  • “Hidden” agendas

  • Defining and tracking success

  • Essential questions for Clients + Sponsors

  • Sponsorship—Rights, Responsibilities, Confidentiality and Reporting

  • Creating an Executive Roadmap


Module 3: Foundations of Executive Coaching – Part II (Business Owners/Entrepreneurs)

  • Transition Mindset: W-2 to CEO

  • Captain + Navigator

  • Resources + Resourcefulness

  • Connections

  • Value vs. Proof

  • Preparing for Transition

  • Creating a Transition Roadmap

Module 4: The Essential Executive Toolkit – Part I

  • Definitions, misperceptions and refinement

  • Assessing and expanding leadership practices

  • Corporate/Management  Principles and practices: Centering Humanity

  • Corporate/Management  Principles and practices: 21st Century Leadership/Leadership Alchemy

  • Business Owners/Entrepreneurs Creative vs. Fixative Mindset

  • Business Owners/Entrepreneurs Managing Distractions

  • Business Owners/Entrepreneurs Building Teams (leveraging/matrixing)

  • Business Owners/Entrepreneurs V.P.O.


Module 5: The Essential Executive Toolkit – Part II

  • Leadership Intelligence (LQ)

  • Creating Psychological Safety

  • Establishing trust

  • The Listening Conversation

  • Issue + conflict resolution

  • Leadership Avatars: Identifying and owning Authentic Leadership

  • Executive Presence

  • Anticipating + Navigating Breakdowns

  • Resilience Under Stress


Module 6: Designing Your Ideal Executive Client + Defining Your Executive “Calling Card”

  • Identifying, Maximizing + Utilizing Individual strengths

  • Strengths-Based Self-Assessments

  • Activating Strengths Usage in Personal, Interpersonal and Organization Ecosystems

  • Storytelling: Biographical Materials + Resources

  • Clarifying Ideal Client Profiles


Module 7: Designing and Reporting Practice Outcomes + Addressing Knowledge/Value Gaps

  • Building the Bridge Using Client Language

  • Use of Assessments to Design Coaching Plans + Track Client Progress

  • Measuring and Reporting Outcomes

  • Profile of Common Assessments

  • Coaching Clients to Authentic Self-Identity

VISION TO ACTION© Practice-Building Modules

  • Ten modules focused on building a thriving practice using the workbook "Wealth Creation for Coaches" by Steve Chandler and Kamin Samuel, PhD

Module 8: Chapters 1-3

  • The Inner Game

  • What Blocks Our Wealth

Module 9: Chapters 4-5

  • Designing Your Next Level

  • Up the Spiral Staircase


Module 10: Chapter 6

  • Wiring In Success

Module 11: Chapter 7

  • Having FUN with Structure

Module 12: Chapter 8 6-10

  • How to Grow Your Business


Module 13: Chapters 9-10

  • The “Right” Fee

  • Receiving Wealth


Module 14: Chapters 11-12

  • Finding Flow

  • Being the Coach You Want to Be

Module 15: Chapter 13

  • Calendar Creations

Module 16: Chapters 14-15

  • Money Growth

  • The Origin of Wealth Creation


Module 17: Chapters 16-20

  • Enrollment Calls

  • Useful lists of Wealth Qualities, Strengths and Results

  • Wealth Creation Review Session Journal

  • Key Ideas and Takeaways


Executive Coach Certification Practicum The Executive Case Study

Module 18: Executive Coaching—Case Study Review

  • Case Study Review

  • Practicum: Live Client Case Study Presentation

  • Practicum Feedback + Certification Celebration




  • If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us using the form below or by clicking  here and entering the subject line "Exec Coach Certification Question"

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