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TACKING LIFE: Three Keys to Changing the Direction of Your Life

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

What to do, what to do?

Have you ever veered off-course in your life? Have you ever taken a direction, fresh with enthusiasm and hope for meaning and fulfillment, only to find that the direction you’ve chosen feels empty?

It’s okay to consider these questions—many of us face these questions throughout our lives. Having the courage and self-knowing to ask these questions is important not only to ourselves, but to our families, friends, and social circles who want, and expect, the very best of us. But, the very best version of us requires us to take stock periodically and live into our joy, our passion, our service, and our fulfillment.

Therefore, the more important question if you DON’T feel you are living a life that is enthusiastic, fulfilled, and imbued with meaning becomes, “what do I do about this?”

What do I do about this?” is a MAGNIFICENT, POWERFUL question!

For thousands of years, sailors have practiced tacking— changing course by turning the boat's head into and through the wind. This change of sail position brings about a vector-change of direction, frequently via zig-zagging, to align the vessel towards its intended destination.

What about you? Do you tack in your own life when you find yourself veering off-course? Or do you simply keep sailing in the direction, afraid to make a change?

Consider three things about tacking:

1. Head into the wind: Sailors do not ignore the resistance of the wind…instead they turn directly into it and through it. Don’t ignore your own resistance—the feelings of unfulfilment or desire for a more joyful, prosperous, meaningful life. This resistance is your inner wisdom calling you to become inspired.

2. Take stock of your current position: Sailors used the stars to evaluate their position and course-correct to reach their destination. They did not beat themselves up or despair when they were off course. Evaluate whether you are currently on-course or off-course with the life you want.

3. Tacking involves veering back and forth: Changing course is a rarely a straight line. Rather, it involves a series of adjustments to recalibrate in the chosen direction you’re heading. In your own tack, begin with just one change, then another, then another, and over time you will arrive at your chosen destination.

Be aware that the change may take longer than you wish, be more challenging than you wish, or require greater effort than you wish. But in time, the change of direction will succeed and you will find your way to your Inspired Life.

Question: What do you do when you find yourself intracted in the life that feels unfulfilled, lacking meaning and purpose? Do you put your “nose to the grindstone”, or do you take a breath, a beat, a moment and listen to the voice inside to guide you.

Do you seek out a guide to help you find your way, or do you continue to stumble along hoping that your situation—and your feelings about your situation—will change.


Brian Evans Coaching is dedicated to the empowerment of all people, everywhere, always. For nearly two decades, Brian has coached dozens of clients to explore, discover and live Inspired Lives by identifying and eliminating obstacles to success and embrace greater happiness, peace and abundance.

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