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10 Weeks to Powerfully Expand your Leadership Intelligence (LQ)


A hybrid Individual and Group Coaching program for

executive and emerging leaders


New Cohort  Begins  July 2024


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Group Discussion
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At APEX Executive Solutions, we know that Great Leaders are Made, Not Born.

While it's true that some find and develop their individual leadership styles earlier in their careers than others--leading to clear and confident self-leadership--to assume that "some have it and some don't" is a common way that organizations fail themselves and their people.

The truth is, leadership does not belong to the special few--that some are born with the "leadership gene" and some are born without it. With the right support, individual leadership can be developed in anyone!

For more than 20 years, the leaders at APEX Executive Solutions have created, developed and empowered leaders at all phases of their careers, in all positions within companies, and in more than a dozen countries on 5 continents. We specialize in powerfully and efficiently expanding your Leadership Intelligence (LQ).

We will help you become a greater leader!

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You are a leader.


Perhaps you have the title to go along with your leadership, or perhaps you aspire to have the title to go along with your leadership.

Perhaps you are a President/CEO, Board Member, C-Suite Executive, Director or Senior Manager.

Perhaps you are a tenured, high-potential contributor.

Perhaps you are an emerging (new) or seasoned coach or consultant, serving as a trusted advisor to companies, executives, managers, business owners and/or entrepreneurs.

Perhaps you are an intern, a volunteer, or have just begun at an entry-level position.

The truth is that whether you have the title or experience you desire, or not, you are a leader.

The key now is to become a great leader!

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We Create Great Leaders!

How we create great leaders is a what makes us different!

Sure, we powerfully and effectively use all of the common tools in the leadership development toolbox:

What makes APEX Executive Solutions different is that we pair these proven tools with a reflexive, individualized process rooted in time-tested essentials without anchoring them to an outdated leadership methodology. As a result, we powerfully and efficiently expand your Leadership Intelligence (LQ).


Because 21st century leadership is collaborative--it relies on the combined genius of many types of leaders in matrixed integration to achieve 21st century results.

Failure to recognize and address this collaboration is the source of many companies'--and their leaders'--struggles.

When you partner with APEX, we respond to the current moment and evolve how you do what you do in ways that create the greater results that you seek, but also create greater efficiency, ease, meaning, purpose and fulfillment both for you and for those you  lead.


As a result, we work together to expand your Leadership Intelligence (LQ): to integrate essential 21st century leadership skills, develop and implement new strategies to see greater possibilities, think strategically, act boldly, lead and collaborate effectively, embrace change, create efficiency and sustainability, and increase impact--and results--with ease.

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Brian Evans

Chief Leadership Officer

Brian Evans is the Founder and Chief Leadership Officer for APEX Executive SOLUTIONS.


Brian is a Board-certified executive, leadership, and business coach, corporate and nonprofit consultant, expert speaker and panelist, and award-winning international best-selling author.


Brian formerly served as vice president of a multi-million dollar, multinational human resources + organizational development consulting firm with responsibility for leading more than 125 staff team members. He knows the daily challenges that leaders like you face. And, because he has faced them as well, he understands how to approach them in ways that create success in all phases, including ways that you might currently struggle to see and utilize.

For three decades as a consultant and nearly 20 years as an executive coach, Brian has guided individual clients and organizations to embody exceptional leadership standards while assisting them to achieve extraordinary measurable results.


Brian’s most memorable client is the crowned Prince of a Middle Eastern kingdom whom he coached on creating social reform programs despite 1,000 years of Sharia Law.


Brian established his private practice in 2004. His firm is headquartered in Los Angeles with clients worldwide representing more than 50 business sectors in more than10 countries on 6 continents.


In addition to multiple coaching certifications, Brian holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in finance from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business and a Master of Arts degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. He is currently completing studies and dissertation for his PhD in Positive Psychology.


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