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While recently speaking with a CEO client, I asked the question, “What are 2-3 things your fellow CEOs/executives colleagues need to support them and their companies’ growth?” Here’s what he answered:


1. High-level executives are often looking for someone to talk to. They have frequently been promoted and can't have conversations with former peers (or family members), yet still need someone to objectively converse with and bounce ideas off of—including confidential, dynamic discussions of their transition hopes, fears and concerns


2. Many executives want/need an independent, external advisor who can offer listening and insight, yet who exists outside of the voices that they often hear. [Contrary to popular belief, most leaders don’t want more “Yes People”—they truly want to break out of insular, siloed thinking to create something new, dynamic, and impactful as part of their personal/professional legacy.]


3.  As an extension of trusted advisorship, many executives rely on coaching support to hone in on "external inspiration" as part of their essential decision-making. Many leaders feel ground down by constant grit of their leadership journey—the daily grind of internal and external expectations and resistance. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown,” and these leaders look for an objective, supportive voice who can help prompt leaders to act confidently, yet empathically, without being tied to the all of the storylines/drama/personalities inside an organization.


 If any of these descriptions ring true for you, contact me today to schedule a complimentary, confidential discussion. 


For more than two decades, I have served as a trusted advisor to heads of state, CEOs and Executive Leaders around the world. Let’s discuss how best to co-design a different, more effective way of leading that yields greater results and legacy, with increased fulfillment, satisfaction, and peace of mind. 

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