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#REALTALK FOR BUSINESSES: YOUR GRACE PERIOD IS OVER (#CoronaEra Strategies and Guidance for Solopr

(Corona-Era Guidance for Solopreneurs/Nonprofit Organizations/Corporations)

Okay my friends, your grace period is now over.

Now, maybe you didn’t know you were in a grace period, but you were. This chaotic, ungrounded, unprecedented week was your grace period.

And, it’s over.

  • Your grace period involved shifting your entire business to virtual in 24-72 hours.

  • Your grace period involved disintegrating the carefully curated firewalls between your work life and your family life—kids at school, me/us at work, we’ll gather later for a meal before TV and bed—rinse and repeat.

  • Your grace period involved Indiana Jones-like adventure trips to the grocery store.

  • Your grace period involved spending A LOT of time with people you love, but don’t always like 24/7 (including yourself!), in your home.

  • Your grace period involved feeding your addictions to being informed/inundated.

  • Your grace period involved realizing that this situation is not just a 7-14 day inconvenience, but potentially an open-ended transformation of the way you live.

And, your grace period is now over.

This #coronavirus crisis is all-consuming, all-affecting, and without a defined end in sight. So, right now, you have to decide whether your business will survive—whether at the end of this crisis, you will still have a business.

Because what you do now that your grace period is over will determine whether your business still exists. And, you have 72 hours to get ready.

Beginning Monday, you need to have a new plan to execute.

  • You need structures in place to return to “normal” operations.

  • You need a communication plan ready to reassure and retain your customers/clients.

  • You need to have a marketing plan that tells customers/clients, “I’m open for business!”

  • You need new strategies that are reflective of TODAY’s business context, not last week’s.

  • You need new home office habits that reflect your virtual working environment.

  • You need a new business plan, because the one your started in January no longer exists.

Your grace period is over. Time to get to work.


If you need help getting your “new normal” business on track, contact me at for a complimentary coaching call.

About Brian Evans: Brian Evans is the President of Brian Evans Coaching, Inc.—a private coaching practice based in Los Angeles, CA with clients worldwide that specializes in executive coaching, business coaching, transformational life coaching, leadership coaching, success coaching, and mental performance coaching for athletes.

As a coach for more than 15 years, Brian has advised clients as varied as international hockey players, worldwide best-selling authors and speakers, C-suite executives and board members at national organizations, start-up entrepreneurs, YouTube celebrities, sole proprietors, terrorism experts, Mary Kay reps, rocket scientists (astrophysicists), and NFL and NCAA athletes.

His all-time favorite client is the crowned Prince of a Middle Eastern kingdom, whom he coached on how to envision, share and integrate a revolutionary vision of gender-equality policies in the face of a millennium under Sharia Law.

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